Visual artist based in Copenhagen. 
BA in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art.
MSc in Information Science and Cultural Communication from University of Copenhagen.

My photographs usually involve a degree of staging or manipulation. It can be in the form of physical changes to the environment or space that I photograph, or as digital manipulation and addition of text. Most images are shot on analogue medium format film.
I am interested in challenging the concepts of reality and perception. And I like things to be both poetic, humorous, beautiful and strange. The relationship between humanity and nature is also an on-going inspiration.
Sometimes I make or participate in exhibitions and publications, do commissioned work, and sell pictures to people. Just contact me if you are interested in showing or purchasing my work.

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Old news:

Fall 2022: Contribution to group show at Sydhavn Station exhibition space. Drawings from instagram.

Older news:

Fall 2019: Featured in October issue of VERK, online magazine for lens-based art in the Nordic countries

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All images © Mie Vinther Jensen, 2024